Earning through in-game activities

Complete Daily Quests: Earn ZION daily by completing quests and mini games.
Treasure Hunts: Rewards from easter egg hunts constitute a sizeable bounty for those with guts.
PvE: Pitch your battle against Zombies. Last as many rounds as you can to earn the earmarked rewards.
PvP competition: Players that come out top of the PvP competitions earn prize pools generated through entry fees.
Assets and Collectibles: Trade Cars, Fashion, Parcel of Land, Real Estate, Wearables, In-Home Items and Art.
Sponsored & Special Event Quests: Brands can sponsor quests as well that challenge the community as a whole.
Watch and Earn: Brand activations may pay-out in ZION as well. Find theaters in Polycity to see what is available in order to take advantage of the watch-to-earn program. There will be regular ads from our merchants or drop partners for ecosystem users who fit this persona type. You will have full control your data and privacy while monetising it.
Betting system: Players can bet $ZION on themselves or on other players in PvE or PVP mode like ZombieLand, BattleLand and RaceLand. The winner of the bet take it all!

Earning through staking

PolyLand distributes profit evenly to all users staking their tokens up. The profit accrued is based on each investor’s holding. ZION token holders maximise the value of their fidelity by staking their ZION with an efficiency factor (EF). A user’s EF is directly proportional to the average amount of ZION tokens (aZ) that are staked multiplied by the number of months (m). While staked, ZION tokens cannot be traded, sold, or used in any way. Therefore, users's fidelities contributes to temporarily reducing the circulating supply of ZION.
R=f(r,EF)R = f(r,EF)
where R = Real staking rewards f(x, y) = adjusting function r = base staking rewards EF = Efficient factor
EF=amλEF = a * m * \lambda
where EF = Efficient factor a = Average amount of ZION staked m = Number of staking months λ = Adjustment factor