Economic Balance

Reward Types
The longterm goal is to become a self sustaining economy. Hence, beyond the purely gaming incentives to spend ZION (customisation, gameplay, discovery), there are also financial incentives to play the game, spend and hold the ZION token. This balanced financial mechanics ensures a healthy token economy, and thus guarantees the sustainability of the play'n'earn system.

Token faucets - Earning

  • Staking rewards: Investors can lock-up their ZION tokens to get return on investment based on the help they give to the data centre and to the metaverse. You can find more details on the earn documentation page.
  • Ecosystem distribution: Users can obtain ZION by participating in PolyLand ecosystem activities such as quests, gambling on events, games, etc. You can find more details on the earn documentation page.

Token sinks - Spending

These sources of expenditure come from the available content, hence the need to create a wide variety of items and events on a regular basis. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the sources of token expenditures within PolyLand:
  • Real Estate acquisition
  • In-game assets acquisition
  • Items customisation
  • Entry fees
  • Special events
  • Rentals and leases

Token Burn

This mechanism is designed counter balance the potential effects of token inflation. A small percentage of the royalty and participation entry fees will be burned according to a burn schedule. By design, the amount of tokens burnt is proportional to the ecosystem activity.