Revenue Streams

Primary sales of proprietary items

All the revenues from the primary market go to PolyLand and Partners involved in the creation of items sold. This includes the sale of PolyEstates, Lands, PolyCars and any other in-game asset.

Royalty fees

All trades on the secondary market are subject to a royalty fee which is due to the creator of that asset/item. Item creators are allowed to set their royalty fees on items created up to a maximum of 10%. Polyland will continue to earn royalty fees on proprietary items as well as on items from partnered projects.

Participation entry Fees

Some games will require an entry fee to be paid by each player. Entry fees are native to some games on PolyLand. For such games, a part of the entry fee is collected as platform revenue and used for further ecosystem development and enhancement of the metaverse experience.