Your passport to the metaverse
An AVATAR is an in-game 3D representation of a player, which can be modified piece by piece by its owner. An avatar has certain specifications and format and comes with a default set of animations such as walking, running, jumping and fighting. Avatars can be created directly on Polyland or imported from partner NFTs. Modification of an avatar is done by equipping/replacing different parts of the avatar with compatible assets.

Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me avatars
With Ready Player Me you can customise all your avatar's body features from head to toe. All facial features (skin colour, eyes, nose, tattoos, hair/beard and its colour, etc.) are editable. You can actually have an avatar that fits you and your world. It is your virtual double that allows you to assert your personality.
Own your style. Players will be able to buy limited NFTs to customise their avatars which can be traded on the marketplace. The avatars can be modified, upgraded with parts available on Polyland.
ReadyPlayerMe, a cross-game Avatar Platform for the metaverse, will be Polyland's official avatar creation partner.

Partner Avatars

Players will have the ability to enter with PolyLand with their NFT collections and use it as their avatar. However, this is possible only with our partners' collections. Regardless of how it is created, your avatar is your digital identity and passport to the metaverse. If a 2D NFT is imported to PolyLand for use as an avatar, a 3D model of the NFT is generated for the user.
Personal avatar


PolyLand has partnered with Cyborg86 to let holders of a Cyborg86 NFT use it as an avatar in the Polyland metaverse. Cyborg86 represents a collection of 8,600 unique cyborgs categorised by levels of rarity and made with hundreds of elements.
Female Cyborg
Male Cyborg


In the year 3333 AD, the merging of gene-editing technology and AI created vast new breeds of humanoid creatures known as Bozos, becoming the most insane, mischievous & expressive creatures. These 8888 insane creatures are coming to PolyLand.
Demon Bozo
Green Queen Bozo

Elysium Shell

Elysium Shell is a story that weaves sci-fi, post-apocalyptic themes, and millennial culture. This collection of 9999 NFTs is designed in partnership with numerous artists. Straight from the sky, these characters will shake up PolyLand with their style.
Cyber Punk Deity
Streetwear Angel

World of Women

World of Women's vision is to build an inclusive web3 through its collection and community. These 10,000 women bring a representation of diversity and enhance inclusion in PolyLand.
Blue Hair Woman
Purple Hair Woman

Cool Cats

Cool Cats is a collection of 9999 cats with a variety of outfits, faces, and colors. All cats are cool, but cats with complete outfits has a real plus.
Toad Ninja Cool Cats
Space Licorn Cool Cats


7,777 Cubies have been released and are en route to the metaverse. Each Cubie will double as your personal avatar and playable character in PolyLand.
Golden CubeX
Godzilla CubeX

CyberKongz VX

CyberKongz VX is a 3D Voxel collection of 15,000 gorillas that bring the jungle to life and swing into action.
Sumotori CyberKongz
Guerrilla CyberKongz