Based on PolyLand's proposed value, personas were conceived to represent the different user types in the Polyland's metaverse. Each persona type is characterised by the type of activity carried out on the platform which in turn determines the quality and quantity of rewards collected, perks and roles...

The Gamer

Gamers constitute the core target persona type in PolyLand. A gamer's main activity is engaging in fun, immersive gameplay sessions offered in PolyLand worlds. A gamer is more interested in the captivating and immersive nature of the gameplay than he is in the incentives offered by the Play&Earn economy. As such, features on PolyLand are tailored to meet the gamers tastes. The DAO will also become a powerful tool at the disposal of gamers as they can control features of the game and submit proposals for the continuous improvement of Polyland's gaming experience.
The gamer

The Quest chaser

Similar to the gamer, a quest chaser enjoys the immersive nature of the platform. However, a quest chaser engages primarily in finding and completing daily mini quests that are scattered all around PolyCity. A quest chaser will receive daily rewards for successfully completed quests. Although free to explore other PolyLand worlds, a quest chaser spends most of his time in PolyCity.
Quest Chaser

The Sloth

Aptly named 'the Sloth', he earns a passive but regular income from his PolyEstate property. He can lease, upgrade, buy home accessories to improve his estate, create experiences for other users to enjoy or just simply trade his estate. A sloth can own multiple properties hence creating a constant stream of passive income.

The Pack Rat

The pack rat enjoys collecting and trading rare items. Unlike other personas, a pack rat is less interested by the world and its features but solely focuses on collecting and sometimes hoarding items he/she considers of value in the short to long term. The items include reusable in-game items, real estate and/or lands in the PolyLand's metaverse.
The Pack Rat

The Explorer

This is a hyper casual player whose interest is exploring the game worlds. He/she loves to discover hidden sites, experiences and sometimes might find a hidden gem lurking in a corner of the metaverse.
The Explorer