Tradable Assets


Assets are in-game items used by the players to achieve game objectives. On PolyLand, assets include everything from weapons, land parcels, real estate, cars etc. As a rule of thumb, most assets are tradable. Hence from a player's perspective, these tradable/purchasable items form an important part of the game and creates a diversity of assets available in the game. Assets can be personalised, hence letting player customise their experience, flex, and improve their general performance. From an economic perspective, purchasable items contribute to value flow within the ecosystem. Using ZION, these items can be traded freely on the marketplace via auctions or direct sales.
Avatar walking in a penthouse full of assets

New biweekly content

New assets are published to the game on a bi-weekly basis to retain the interest of players. This also expands the number of possible customisations and introduces new gameplay mechanisms. Finally, it creates new revenues streams for the continuous development and improvement of the game.


Emotes are animations on your avatar. They are available on PolyLand as another way for players to interact with each other. A great deal of importance is accorded to social interactions within the ecosystem as this is one way to forming a tight-knit community. Your avatar has many animations that are unlocked as a player gains XP. The more you play the more emotes you earn. A standard range of emotes are available from the first session.
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