The Dream


Gaming is the very heart of PolyLand's existence and is reflected in our dreams.
Our goal is to continuously attract the best and most promising NFT projects to our Metaverse to ensure continuity and sustainability of the Play&Earn experience. PolyLand as a trail leader is bringing together the gaming and crypto communities under one umbrella.
Our vision is to tear down the barriers to a free and open hybrid gaming ecosystem and bring mainstream metaverse adoption to legacy gamers.
- Polyland CEO
In contrast to numerous subpar blockchain based games who create a token hype and deliver mediocre games with low player retention, PolyLand will be heavily focused on creating stimulating and immersive experiences with emphasis on gameplay and in-game player evolution rather than on the in-game Play&Earn rewards.
To serve its goals, PolyLand will publish and open up to players 10 interactive worlds in 2023 along with player incentives using a well designed but conservative Play&Earn reward system. PolyLand will continue to partner with brands include them in the game as it expands it metaverse.
PolyLand's Positioning


The PolyLand team’s mission is to build a system where creators will be able to craft, play, share, and trade without a central controlling authority hence enjoying secure digital ownership and the ability to earn ZION. PolyLand's game design will create an entertainment melting pot where social experiences, brands and gaming metaverses meet. This is design to adress four main pain points related to gaming and management of in-game assets :
  • Poor gameplay and poor players' evolution leading to a poor overall player retention.
  • Centralisation of user-generated content in dominant titles such as Minecraft and Roblox which limits creator rights and ownership.
  • Central control over the trading of digital items, created by players, restricts players from generating fair value for their creations and limits what they can trade.
  • Existing game marketplaces are based on fiat currencies, which do not support true micro-transactions and are vulnerable to credit card fraud.