The Metaverse

“The Metaverse is the bridge between physical and virtual worlds within the decentralised and open-source virtual ecosystem”

Enter PolyLand

Welcome to the future of Play&Earn virtual environments. PolyLand is building its own version of a decentralised iteration of the internet - the metaverse. It combines the best of innovative blockchain technologies with gaming to create a fully immersive metaverse experience. It is powered by a Play&Earn ecosystem and is built on the Polygon blockchain. Polyland's virtual worlds are created by veteran developers using Unreal Engine 5 - a powerful real-time 3D creation tool for immersive experiences. Legend has it that PolyLand disappeared during the pre-historic times only to reemerge as a mysterious island with multiple explorable worlds.
Using their unique Avatars, players on Polyland are able to explore the it's worlds, complete mini-quests or compete against each other to rank highest on the PolyLand's worldwide leaderboard or just simply take some time off to relax and hangout with other users.
Avatar entering in PolyCity


$ZION is the PolyLand's native currency and the sole monetary unit of exchange of value within Polyland. Possessing $ZION grants holders full Polyland citizenship rights. Holders of the ZION token will be able to participate in legislation (governance) of the Polyland metaverse via a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) and other perks provided by PolyLand's governing body.


All assets on PolyLand have been forged into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by the founding fathers. These NFTs grant full digital ownership to their owners. Players can trade assets, win some as rewards for completing game objectives or simply showcase them on Polyland's numerous billboards or in their private Polyland estate. An asset is any NFT object forged in-game, bought on the market place or imported from other metaverse platforms. These includes in-game items, real estate, land parcels, etc.

Explore 'n' Play

PolyLand is vast, untouched and full of experiences. It consists of different worlds where players can teleport and participate in activities to earn rewards. Be careful! Watch out for Zombies, traps and other players during your explorations.
Avatars and NPCs walking around PolyCity
  • Exploration: This is at the core of PolyLand's vision. Composed of multiple worlds, PolyLand is a very vast world waiting to be explored. Players can move between worlds via a teleportation device located in PolyCity. Inside each world, player can travel to enjoy beautiful buildings and landscapes or to be the first to find an hidden place.
  • Quests: For players who want to challenge their wits and tenacity, PolyLand offers many quests of exploration or reflection. There are problems ranging from simple children's riddles to puzzles worthy of the secrets of the pharaohs. The brightest players will be able to access hidden treasures that the average person doesn't even know exist. Among them are powerful artifacts that our ancestors did not want to leave in the hands of just anyone. These players will have to make good use of their powers in order to find even more mysterious secrets.
  • PvE: The richness of PolyLand is not limited to its items, buildings, quests and landscapes. There is also a great diversity of enemies (zombies, pirates, etc.) that players will have to face to access certain areas, complete quests or simply to let off steam. At a certain point of their aventures, players will experience really intense fights.
  • Multiplayer (PvP): Polyland offers a full multiplayer experience, users will be able to play against other players in real-time, invite them to mini games, spectate confrontations. They will be able to team with friends to triumph over other users or they can compet between friends to see who his best at PolyLand games.
  • Tournaments: There are weekly tournaments where players compete to win a grand prize in different games. Players are ranked each week using their experience points. Huge leaderboards of players' ranking are displayed in PolyCity.
  • Events: PolyLand places a huge stake on its community as this is the singular most important source of value creation in PolyLand metaverse. Racing or music fans will be able to attend to the final of Raceland or some concerts in a huge stadium. Art connoisseurs will savour NFT gallery private viewings. Erudite persons will enjoy celebrities and experts conferences in our amphitheatres. And many more exclusive events will be organized... To bolster the community, many events and live shows will be diffused throughout PolyLand - on its billboards and media outlets. In the physical world, these community events will be done through our official Discord, Twitter and partners/brands plateformes.
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